The Serpentine Prophecy

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The Serpentine Prophecy

May 19, 20 and 21 at 7:30 PM



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Something Amazing is Happening

Recently we’ve noticed something amazing. People we would have never guessed had a spiritual bone in their body are reaching out, asking us to help them understand our current state of crisis. Pandemics, natural disasters, wars, and economic and political turmoil have left them asking, “What’s really going on in this world? Are there hidden agendas no one is talking about?”

In The Serpentine Prophecy, we tackle these questions. Drawing from history and the Bible, the series seeks to shed light on the hidden spiritual powers seeking for world supremacy. Furthermore, it gives viewers a Scriptural antidote to dangerous deceptions in the days to come.

With The Serpentine Prophecy, your church will have the opportunity to share, from the pages of history and Scripture, answers to your community’s questions. Featuring stunning video imagery, beautiful graphics, and a captivating narrative, this four-part bridge-building event is one your members will be excited inviting their friends to.

Session by session, this event combines professionally produced video content with a live guided Bible study presented by your church. By the time the event concludes, your guests will be asking for more. That’s when we’ll invite them to come back and study the Bible…with you.